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ChemicalBook website was established in 2006. At that time, some retrieval systems of the early domestic chemical industry sites have inconvenient situation and less information. To solve this problem, with years of experience in the chemical industry, our founding team members collected chemical information data from a variety of specialty channels, integrated molecular formula, molecular weight, CAS No., MDL No., EINECS number (European chemicals ID), English product name, product synonyms into one textbox via computer aided when searching an substance. This improvement makes the work more efficiency for chemical industry personnel to find useful information and the corresponding vendors needed.

From 2014, we provide new services continuously, launched structural formula search, supplier certifications, secondary screening, suppliers booth and mobile website. In 2016, with a strong resource of Chemicalbook, we also launched trading service "procurement group", which provide free service to make deals easier between our customers.

ChemicalBook will try our best to become a more professional chemical service platform and make reliable to everyone. We firmly convinced that through Internet can make easier in chemical industry.